5th International Conference on Gear and Drivetrain Lubrication

The Lubricant as a Design Element

6–7 November, 2018 in Hamburg, Germany

Wherever forces are transmitted in a powertrain, there will be losses due to friction and wear. Whether in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, or drive technology, high efficiency and sustainability are important for economical operation. Only the selection of the right lubricants and development of optimized lubricants, together with a suitable lubrication system can ensure low-friction, damage-free operation.

The integrated world of optimized lubrication of powertrains and all involved components is the focus of the fifth GETLUB conference. The spectrum of topics ranges from efficiency and sustainability, to special transmission applications, to lubricant development, test procedures and requirements, through to tribological systems and corresponding analytical methods. Presentations on standards and guidelines as well as a look into the future complete the program.

Presentations at the application-oriented conference will include lectures from lubricant and transmission manufacturers as well as reports from end users on their real world experiences.